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What Do I Need to Apply for Service?

When connecting a service you will need:

  • Your government-issued identification card, passport or driver's Licence.
  • A security deposit to cover three months of electricity bills. This is normally required on all services except residential services for Barbadian residents.
  • The applicable service charge. Click here for fees and charges
  • An Electrical Inspection Certificate of Approval from the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED), Bay Street, St. Michael.

A GEED certificate is required if you are applying for:

  • The installation of a new service.
  • The reconnection of an existing service that has been disconnected for more than six (6) months.
  • The reconnection of an existing service for which the wiring has been modified.

Requirements for Businesses/Charitable Organizations: 

Applications made on behalf of a company, organisation or any other entity should be signed by a person authorized to act on that entity's behalf and be either accompanied by a certificate of Registration or Incorporation and a covering letter or stamped with the Company's official stamp.

Payment of all bills on a service shall be the responsibility of the person signing the application unless the application is made by a person authorized to sign on behalf of a company, organisation or other entity registered under the Laws of Barbados in which case the bills will be the responsibility of the Company, organisation or entity.

You may contact us at (246) 626-4300 or or query at our offices should you need further information.

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