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Are You A Safe Flyer ?

Kite flying is fun! Here are some reminders to help keep it safe and enjoyable this season. 

Great Kite Flying Spots

  • King George V Memorial Park

  • Dover Playing Field

  • Garrison Savannah

  • Blenheim – Ivy

  • Queens Park

  • East Coast

  • Weymouth


  • Fly your kites in wide-open spaces.

  • Check your surroundings before you put your kite in the air

  • Fly your kites away from power lines and utility poles. Electricity can easily travel down your kite lines to you and this can be dangerous

  • Fly your kites away from trees since they can


  • Fly your kites on days when there is rain or stormy weather. Kites can attract lightning which can seriously injure you.

  • Fly your kites on busy streets or along highways where drivers could be distracted or hit you.

  • Never fly your kite too close to other kites since it can become entangles or damaged or cause an accident.

  • Try to retrieve your kites from trees which have power lines running through them

  • Fly your kite near the path of an incoming aircraft

Remember: If your kite becomes snagged in a power line don’t try to remove it. Call our emergency hot-line 626-900 and we’ll remove it

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