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Metering and Installations


Meters are installed by the Barbados Light & Power to record the electrical energy and, in large installations, the maximum demand used by customers.

Meter Sockets

Image result for meter socket base usaMeter socket bases for loads up to, but not exceeding 200 amps, are to be supplied and installed by the customer. Customers are responsible for the proper maintenance of these socket bases. You should have your electrician contact us at 626-4300 to arrange access to carry out such maintenance. For individual services in excess of 200 amps, the Company will provide a meter socket base and the required metering CTs.

Location of Socket Base on Building

The meter should be placed in a location which will be accessible at all times to Light & Power personnel. If you plan to fence the property, you should have an underground supply and place the meter on the guard wall at the boundary of the property. In this case, the meter should face outwards towards the roadway and comply with the company’s requirements.

Single Meter Installations

  1. Type of Socket Base - A 5 jaw socket is required for all 3 wire services with the 5th jaw connected to the neutral conductor.
  2. Height of Socket Base - The meter socket should be at a height of about 1675 mm (5' 6") above finished grade. In underground installations where the meter is to be located on an external guard wall, the minimum allowable height is 1 meter. Figure 20 shows a typical metering installation for an underground service.
  3. Wiring of Socket Base - The wiring in the socket base should be neat, not bulky, and connected as shown in Figure 19. Any excess wire in the socket base may prevent the meter from being properly inserted into the socket.
  4. Secure Mounting of Socket Base - The meter socket base should be properly secured to the building.
  5. Waterproof - The point at which the conduit enters the meter socket base should be properly sealed to prevent water from entering into the socket. All equipment installed outdoors should be designed for outdoor use as it will be exposed to the weather.

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