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Temporary Electricity Service

What is a Temporary Service?

Temporary services can be supplied to customers for fairs, construction supplies and for other temporary situations. A temporary Inspection Certificate of Approval is required from the Government Electrical Engineering Department.

How can an application be made for temporary service?

Submit a letter or visit our office with appropriate identification (Barbados ID or Passport), the inspection certificate and the service charge. A prepayment is also required for electricity usage. The electricity bills are then deducted from this payment over the period of the temporary supply.

How much is the service charge and prepayment for temporary services?

This depends on what the installation is for. If it is for the construction of a residential home the service charge is $70.50 (vat inclusive) and the prepayment towards the electricity usage is normally $300.00. However, these may vary based on the size and type of installation.

How long is a temporary service installed for?

This depends on the period for which this is approved. Temporary certificates have a period stipulated on them. For construction supply, these normally expire in three months. 

To continue using a temporary supply beyond the stipulated time you will need to have the certificate renewed by the Government Electrical Engineering Department and submit it to us. Where a temporary supply is extended, an additional prepayment may be required to cover the electricity usage for the extended period.

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